Share your server with others?
by Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Here's an idea I want to put out there.

A frequently asked question is this -- how permanent are the test sites on My answer is not permanent at all. They are really just for testing the product and deciding if you want to use it. If you get serious about it you should run your own server.

Now there's a problem. It's pretty easy to set up a server, as far as these things go, but it's still a hurdle that's too high for people who may be good bloggers, who could really make use of the product, but can't get it together to get the server running and keep it running.

A fair number of people have servers running to host a single blog. Each server could easily host dozens of sites without skipping a beat. I wonder if some people would volunteer to let people run blogs on their server, without a guarantee of permanence, of course, but an intention to keep running the server as long as you're blogging. By now you should have an idea of the expense and how much use you're getting from it. 

And maybe from that, we can bootstrap hosting services, or perhaps even better, ways to mirror sites at backup servers, so that just a DNS change would relocate it. is well-designed for that, because each user's full configuration is in a single JSON file. Easily mirrored. 

Anyway, if you're willing to share your server space with some friendly users, post a note here, like a bulletin board. Thanks! :-)