Better URLs in v0.90k
by Wednesday, July 27, 2016

One thing I've always wanted in are descriptive URLs. 

So if I have a story whose title is We Need 140 Different Twitters,  i'd like the URL for the story to be something like:

With v0.90k, we have that feature.

How it works

Before you give a title a post, we use the current form, where the URL is formed using the message ID as the file name.

If you never give the post a title, we just keep using that URL.

If you give the post a title, we generate a URL with the title innerCased, as above, and render the post to that URL.

You can change the title without breaking the URL. That's important.

The original numbered post is left where it is, in case there are any links to it. And in general I don't like software deleting files, esp not automatically.

I am certainly going to use this myself for Scripting News.