Using Disqus comments
by Saturday, June 18, 2016

How to add Disqus comments to your blog.

  1. First, go grab the text from this page on GitHub. (Copy it to the clipboard.)
  2. Choose Edit template from the Main menu in
  3. Put the cursor on the top headline, <html> and double click on the wedge to collapse it. Re-expand, and navigate to put the cursor on the <div class="divChatLog"> headline, as shown in this screen shot
  4. Press Return to open a new headline, and paste the text you copied in step 1. 
  5. Click the Preview button to see if it worked. If it did, back in, click OK to save the template. 
  6. To test with one of your pages, edit an item, save it. This causes the page to be rebuilt with the new template. Click on the Eye icon to view the page. You should see a Disqus comments section below the story text.
  7. Here's a quick video that shows how to do the steps above.
If you want to use a different Disqus group, change to where xyz is the name of your group.