What's new in v0.88u
by 1999.io Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In the previous release if you chose the Insert HTML command but weren't editing the post, the command would fail. Now we open the editor before doing the paste. 

In the previous release if you scrolled down while you were editing, you could lose changes. The "infinite scrolling" feature in 1999.io, loads items from the server if you fall off the bottom. That's what was causing the problem. So now when you try to infinite scroll when you're editing, nothing happens. Changes now should be safe if you forget to save before adventuring off. 

BTW, while we're still debugging 1999.io, I get in the habit of doing a Select-All and Copy before doing anything that I fear might lose data. These days it almost never happens, but it used to do it a lot in the early days! I still am in the habit of making the copy, just in case. The feeling of writing something good and to know it's gone forever is not a good feeling. ;-)