About medium-editor and 1999.io
by 1999.io Monday, April 25, 2016

Along with the Insert HTML command, demoed in this video, there was another quiet change in the way the editor works in 1999.io.

Previously, I had been using a snapshot of medium-editor, which is the editor we use. I wanted to hold it constant as I worked out the bugs in the environment around it that makes up 1999.io.

But now that things have settled down, it's better if we always have the latest stable release of the editor. So now we use their CDN to get the code for the editor, and every time you reload the editor, you're possibly getting an updated version.

So far so good! I don't see any changes in performance, which is how I like it. But now when they have bug fixes we will get them as well. 

Also, this change only applies to the browser-based version of our editor. The app version will only be updated when the app is rebuilt. It stays constant.