The 1999-user list
by Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Now that the New York primary is over.. ;-)

I'm pretty confident that the server side of the project is under control. There still is that one outstanding issue that Jack Baty reported with the problem with editorPrefs.json. It doesn't seem that Frank's problem is the same one, but it was hard to tell from the report. In any case, let's keep an eye open for that problem. I may add some special error reporting for that situation to api.js.

I think it's getting close to time to offer free hosting to Scripting News readers. At first there I won't be pushing it too hard. I'll just write a simple blog post saying the software is now open for testing by users who are not that technical. I want to get a few people using it just from that perspective. People like Ken Smith, who has been very quiet on this list, but who has been quite helpful in other contexts. Ken can get a server going, and has, but he's an English professor, and more of a prototype of a "poets" type user.

I want to fix some more bugs, and get in a groove on the end-user-experience the way we worked on the server side in the last few weeks.

So I have started a new list!  It's called 1999-user.!forum/1999-user

I would like many if not most of you to join that list, but that list is ONLY for discussion of features that show up in the user interface, not technical issues that come up when running a server.

We've had lots of experience with this, going back to the early days of Frontier -- if you put users and programmers together, and if the programmers talk about tech stuff, the users won't say anything. But you guys are also users of the software, so you can help me help them. Hopefully there will be enough to make it interesting.